AV Technical Services

We were initially setup in 1990 providing bespoke repair services to the Leisure and Entertainment industries.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength providing repair and support services to Theatre, Television, Security Companies, Telematics, Councils, Leisure and Avaition industries.

We do we actually do ?

Well pretty much anything really, we're a team of just under 70 enginners with over 50 years of experance in component electronics, electrical, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, design, re-purposing etc.

Areas of knowledge are very diverse and extend to leisure, entertainment, computing and aviation industries.

We have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and have contact with a lot of people in a lot of industries, this makes us a very unique company

Something Specific :

Sometime ago, we started doing repairs on internet radios which have the Receive Barracuda PCB in them.

We've developed a technique that is pretty reliable to be able to reflash these little critters bringing them back to life. So if you have one of these radios and it isn't working, send an email to repair@avtsuk.com and you will be replied to by our automailer with some hints and tips and details of how we can help.